TWA offering five-week lure with air-fare cuts

Taking its cue from the Detroit automakers and their rebate plans, Trans World Airlines has announced a new air fare "to get America flying again." Faced with only 54 percent of its seats filled on its domestic flights, TWA said it will offer an "Anywhere" fare of $149 for a one- way trip to all of TWA's domestic segments except for Chicago-California flights. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 will be able to fly for $49.

Neil Effman, senior vice-president of TWA, says he expects that the fares, the lowest offered to date, will be matched by the rest of the industry during the five-week period -- April 20-May 31 -- they are offered. The $149 fare will reduce ticket prices by 70 percent on regular coach fares and up to 50 percent from Super Saver rates.

In Chicago, United airlines said it would have no comment on the new fares until its senior management had a chance to study them. In Dallas-Ft. Worth, American Airlines said it would match TWA's fares in all the markets they compete in.

TWA said it still expected to make money on the new fares, sin ce they would add revenues by filling empty seats.

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