Lustrous lingerie

Body huggers made of lightweight elastics will keep figures firm and cool for spring and summer. This summarizes the body fashions shown here at the Apparel Center recently by Ellen Anikstein, assistant editor of Body Fashions/Intimate Apparel magazine.

All-in-ones, chemises, and teddys have elastic waists and bras for comfort and firmness in the months to come.

A new fabric name, Vivana, by Badische Corporation, was introduced this season. Vivana is a new generation of nylon which is supersoft and superlustrous. Because it is more opaque, those who wear it will be pleased with the added dimension which doesn't make it heavier. In the fashion show, panties, night gowns, and other leisure wear were made of this high filament fiber.

Pastel colors shown for the coming seasons include peach, lemon, and lavender , as well as tiny prints. White also is important in underfashions and leisure for summer and spring.

Long, cool white housecoats and robes starred in the show.

There's a lot of lace, too, for trim on the chemises and nightwear.

The slits that were in petticoats and slips in past seasons weren't present in this show. In fact, few of these underfashions were shown. Instead there were tap pants and other full length panties as well as half-slips to go with the chemises.

Jodphurs and tube tops are also leading the silhouette pattern for the next seasons. Side stripes and customized prints are in the picture as well. Long caftans, jump suits, baby dolls, strapless bras, and camisole tops are other important items in the underfashions lineup.

Large size figures weren't forgotten in the show, which included teddies and low plumbe bandeau bras as well as garter belts for women of all size s.

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