Strike in Philadelphia hits 400,000 commuters

Drivers, mechanics, and cashiers for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority went on strike Sunday, leaving some 400,000 commuters in the nation's fourth-largest city without subway,trolley, or bus services.

Transit Workers Union demands included preservation of a no-layoff clause and a ban against the hiring of part-time workers in the current contract, The union also asked for a $2-an- hour raise above the current average salary of $8.13 an hour.

Conrail lines and the authority's suburban buses had trolleys would continue to operate during a strike, but many suburban commuters would be unable to get into the city.

Extra parking areas were made available, and police officers were instructed to relax the issuing of parking tickets. The Chamber of Commerce also asked its members to stagger work schedules to avoid traffic jams caused by workers who normally would not drive to work.

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