Talks defuse one strike in Poland

In their first face-to-face meeting, Polish Prime Minister Wojiech Jaruzelski and union leader Lech Walesa defused one strike threat in Poland, only to have another arise. And other disputes remain unresolved.

"We reached agreement on some points. On other controversial matters we didn't," Mr. Walesa said after a five-hour session in Warsaw. "But," he promised, "we will reach agreement."

The one-hour strike in Lodz that involved 300,000 people broke a one- month truce between the union and the government and precipitated the meeting between General Jaruzelski and Mr. Walesa. Unionists there have called off further strike plans.

The latest strike threat has arisen in Radom. The Radom branch of the Solidarity union Wednesday announced a list of 17 demands and said its local leaders would meet Thursday to draw up plans for strike action unless authorities began negotiations Monday.

Although Mr. Walesa himself gave no details of his talks with the prime minister, his secretary indicated that the government has promised to set up a joint commission with the union to look into complaints of harassment of Solidarity members. The regime indicated it is ready to spell out the union rights of workers in the Interior and Defense Ministries.

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