Back from Iran with love

The saga of the three Britons released from Iranian imprisonment should not be lost in the lull after all the excitement about the freed American hostages. One wrongly held individual is too much. Iran has now appeared to concede that the three were so held for six months, saying they had been arrested on the basis of forgeries indicating CIA links.

The sad state of justice in Iran may be suggested by the fact that this could happen to dedicated Anglican church people -- Dr. and Mrs. John Coleman, medical missionaries there for more than three decades, and jean Waddell, former secretary to the Anglican bishop of Isfahan. Yet on returning home they continued to express love for the Iranian people and noted that their captors treated them well. "Our feelings towards the Iranians have not changed one iota , and our great desire is to return eventually," said Dr. Coleman.

It must be hoped the Iranians are listening. When love like that of the missionaries is answered by love, the errors of the past cannot prevent the advance of reconciliation.

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