Three books, one new university, and 286,000 students; At home or abroad: fun summer jobs

Job wanted: earnest, hardworking student. There's a way to escape from fast-food restaurants and baby sitting! For your information, education, edification, and enjoyment . . . worth their weight in postage stamps . . . created by the amazing powers of prestidigitation invested in Writer's Digest Books (933 Alliance Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242) . . . the opportunities are here!

* The 1981 Summer Employment directory of the United States ($6.95)

* The 1981 internships ($7.95)

* The 1981 Overseas Summer Jobs ($6.95)

From Mokuleia, Hawaii, to the Berkshire Hills, from Andorra to Madrid to Tokyo, the jobs and internships listed include government positions, camps, manual labor, public- service and health organizations, communications, theater, and various industries, among others.

These three books are well organized and complete. They divide job possibilities and internships into categories for easier selection, and each listing includes a job description, necessary qualifications, dates available, wage (if there is one), the way to apply, and a name to contact.

The introduction to each book explains the best way to apply for a job and gives a sample cover letter and resume, as well as suggestions for interviews. The authors also suggest ways to find housing and meet other young people in a strange city.

Is this the year to break away fro m the usual?

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