Reader seeks data on water turbines

Q. I plan to build where there is a good water supply . . . which I intend to use for power. Where can I buy a Banki-type turbine for primary power and small water turbines which could be used to run fans, tools, and appliances? H. Wesley Redhead Bradenton, Fla.

A. The best we can do is refer you to two possible sources of information on turbine pumps: (1) Mt. Water Power Ltd., Stefen Jacob, Telegraph Creek, British Columbia, Canada VOJ 2WO, and (2) Littlestown Hardware & Foundry, 158 Charles Street, Littlestown, Pa. 17340.

Otherwise, perhaps some readers of this column can provide the names of some other manufacturers to us.

We builders a re sometimes all wet, but few water turbines cross our path

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