Pope would like to visit China, but obstacle posed

Pope John Paul II said in an impassioned speech that he longed to visit China to meet Roman Catholics who have been cut off from contact with the rest of the church. But the difficulties involved in such a project were demonstrated when Chinese diplomats boycotted ceremonies during the Pope's visit here, on grounds that the Holy See maintains diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

The Pontiff, addressing the Catholics of China during a speech to the Chinese community in Manila, said, "It is my sincere and heartfelt hope that someday soon we shall be able to join together, praising the Lord." The Pope also stated , "The church has no other aim than to be faithful to the mission entrusted to her by her divine founder. . . . She has no political or economic goals; she has no worldly mission. . . ."

The Pope had begun his second day here by calling for better conditions in a Manila slum and telling the rich elite of the Philippines that they should shun selfishness and greed.

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