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I would like to write for some US Government pamphlets on the subject of insulating a 30-year-old house which has no insulation in the walls and very little in the attic. I'm also thinking of replacing the oil burner, possibly with gas. Where may I obtain such information? Dorothy K. McCurdy

For very little money you can substantially increase the insulation under the roof, especially if you, a family member, or a friend can do the job. Insulating the walls, however, will be far more costly. I'd do the roof first, by all means.

As for sending for some government pamphlets and booklets on insulation, you might want to send for "In the Bank . . . or Up the Chimney." The only price I have is $1.70. It includes illustrated how-to instructions for weatherstripping , caulking, and installing storm windows and insulation, as well as statistics and charts for estimating the energy-saving potential of your home.

Send you request to the Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Colo. 81009, and ask for booklet No. 056G.

Utility companies also have free publications on how to reduce the cost of energy in the home. So do the companies that supply the hardware for such energy-reduction jobs.

If you write to the Pueblo address, you might also ask for a copy of the free publication, "Tips for Energy Savers."

And while you're at it, ask for a free copy of the Consumer Information catalog.

"How to Improve the Efficiency of Your Oil-Fired Furnace" is free may give you some tips which can be applied to and type of heating system. The number is 605G. Another booklet, entitled "Home Heating," costs $1.10, has 24 pages, and the number is 048G.

The Department of Energy has many general-interest publications on a wide range of subjects. You can write to the Technical Inf ormation Center (Energy), PO Box 62, Oak Ridge, Tenn. 37830

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