Some people go singin' in the rain, some people say let it snow, but does anyone have a good word for slush? Not the icy colored confection made for summer days -- the gray thawing mixture made to squish over your rubbers. It must be right up there with the mosquito among things the world could do without , except that someone always comes to the defense of the mosquito and its niche in the balance of nature.

Slush fills no niche except the one between shoe top and stocking, and trying to flick it out with a freezing finger is a sure guarantee of pushing it down to dampen your sole. You could watch where you walk, of course, remembering that any slush worthy of the name looks shallow but has hidden depths. You could wear the proper boots, of course, remembering slush usually appears sooner than you expect when you leave the house.

But who really wants to give that much thought t o -- slush.

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