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All three artists (Kearns, Baskin and Schwartz) are gifted to see with particular clarity what we call the external world. It goes beyond -- to the point where they can articulate the distortions and sadness and cruelty of their contemporary external world and, in effect, call it an outrage. As poets, they articulate the external world which we think we see.m And it is my belief that that which we see and willingly say is outrageous is allowable and not negative, is unalterable, and is infinitely more than the surface if the processes of the poet and artist induce them to a greater consciousness from which point nothingm in the external world is outrageous, and all the scarred surfaces are as full of beauty and truth and bliss as the ideal images of any great culture or any great religious system. I'm disagreeing with nothingm that they see and reproduce if it is a part of their personal technique of expanding their awareness or consciousness to see that there is onlym is-nessm -- and no degree in beauty. . .. Stopping, continuing, completing are all part of the same state.

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