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Looking for a way to rid your community of X-rated theatres and pornographic bookstores? Atlanta may have the answer. As recently as 1977, the Georgia capital had more than 40 such establishments. Following numerous prosecutions of patrons as well as employees , almost half of these eventually closed. Now, all but five of the remaining ones are on the way out.

Fulton County officials agreed to withhold prosecution of pending cases against the businesses for six months in exchange for their closing. If they do not attempt to reopen within six months, the county will seek to have the cases dropped. Prosecutions would be resumed if they ever reopened. And county officials promise to keep up the pressure on the remaining businesses.

Will the operators just move to the suburbs? Probably not, say officials in neighboring DeKalb County, maintaining that much of the Atlanta "porno" trade depends on the city's thriving convention business. m

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