Transport a big industry

The transportation manufacturing segment is important to the Ontario economy. Aside from the truck and automobile industry, which employs 117,000 workers in Canada, there is the farm-implement industry and the train-construction business.

Unfortunately, the farm- implement business has fallen on hard times. Massey- Ferguson Ltd. has been running deep deficits and is heavily in debt to the banks. Even though the federal and provincial governments have agreed to aid in a refinancing program to add new capital to the company, its status remains uncertain. Massey-Ferguson employs 47,000 workers worldwide.

On the brighter side, there is the possibility that the city of Los Angeles will choose an Ontario-built people mover for its initial fling into a subway type of mass transit. So far, the Ontario trains have an edge over two other systems -- both made by US companies. The initia l phase of the contract could be worth $130 million.

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