Practical intuition

"You're not still there!" gasped the familiar voice on the other end of the line. "Why shouldn't I be?" I laughed.

"You must not have looked out of your office window. A blizzard has been raging for several hours!"

I hung up the phone, grabbed my coat, and ran for the elevator. A thirty-mile drive was ahead of me. And I had never driven on snow.

When I stepped outside, the sight before me was appailling. The local news reported the storm as one of the worst in the city's history. Cars stalled all over the streets, making it impossible for plows to get through. Few drivers made it out of the city until later that night.

As I left the parking lot, my car swung momentarily out of control. I was startled at the sound of my own voice calling above the fear, "I refuse to believe this car has dominion over me. God gave man dominion, and I can prove it." Instantly, I felt a wonderful calm. I remembered how Christ Jesus had demonstrated his dominion by walking on water. Surely I could express mine by driving on snow!

These words of Mary Baker Eddy n1 immediately came to thought: ". . . the right intuition which guides you safely home." I couldn't remember the rest of the sentence, but what more did I need than to be guided safely home! I questioned how intuition could get me through that terrible storm; nevertheless I prayed for spiritual intuition, trusting that because God is omnipresent Mind and man has no Mind but God, I would have what I needed.

n1 Mrs. Eddy is the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.

Christian Science shows that spiritual intuitions are angels -- divine messages, or spiritual ideas, that guide and protect. Accepting these spiritual truths, we can experience the Biblical promise: "He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands , lest thou dash thy foot against a stone." n2

n2 Psalms 91:11, 12.

But are intuitions, or angels, of any practical use? Yes! I certainly learned they were that day. After driving for some time, I realized that I was constantly changing lanes for no apparent reason. Then I began to watch my rearview mirror and was amazed. Each time I moved to another lane, I avoided a tie-up. At one point when starting down a steep hill, I was tempted not to listen to the thought that came: "Go out to the middle of the street." But I was obedient, and mine was one of only two cars to make it down that hill.

The drive could not have been more effortless. I doubt if I had ever driven as well on dry ground. I felt trimphant. I had proved my dominion. The storm was still raging after I was safely home. I looked up the quotation containing those eight words that had brought such inspiration. And here is what I read: "Thus founded upon the rock of Christ, when storm and tempest beat against this sure foundation, you, safely sheltered in the strong tower of hope, faith, and Love, are God's nestlings; and He will hide you in His feathers till the storm has passed. Into His haven of Soul there enters no element of earth to cast out angels, to silence the right intuition which guides you safely home." n3

n3 Miscellaneous Writings,m p. 152.

Are you trapped in a storm of discordant relationships? Or tossed about in a tempest of fear? Listen for the angels. Acknowledge their presence. Be obedient to them. Let them guide you safely out of your storm. They can, you know. Intuitions are angelic, but oh so practical! DAILY BIBLE VERSE The Lord give thee wisdom and understanding, . . . that thou mayest keep the law of the Lord thy God . Then shalt thou prosper. 1 Chronicles 22:12, 13

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