Trade show in Peking boffo

The Department of Commerce has announced that its first industrial trade exhibition ever held in China produced current new US sales of $20.6 million, with a 12-month projection of estimated $85 million more to come.

The China exhibition, supported by more than 250 US companies exhibiting in Peking, was host to some 250,000 Chinese visitors. It was the largest commercial exhibit of its kind the United States had ever sponsored abroad. Exhibitors, grouped according to Chinese priority preference, included those selling petroleum-producing equipment, agri-machinery, transportation materiel of all types, power plant components, and textile and consumer-oriented production machinery.

The exhibition is expected to create closer one-on-one industrial and trade ties with the US business community and help increase US industrial sales to China beyond the present 15 percent of the total $ 3 billion American exports to China.

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