For all our Eblas buried in the sands

Will we ever know where the first city was? When? Why? What made men leave their villages comfortable with kin to sojourn with strangers? Was it to sell their wares peaceably side by side to listen together to a singing poet to join in worship although never having spoken to each other before yet finding some common bond? Were these the adventurous ones who sought something which then must have had no word but which we now call civilization?m Is that how Ebla came to be? Well-governed prosperous in textile trade with a school for scribes complete with clay notebooks when the envious/greedy hands bore fire/destruction to its walls and Ebla lay centuries buried in the sands. Sleep serenely O all our lost Eblas! It is no mean thing to help shape a noble idea. $ %You have done your part in defining city.m

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