Cambodia aid winds down

The 15-month "emergency phase" of the relief effort for Cambodia will end Wednesday. The $500 million joint operation of the International Committee for the Red Cross and the United Nations Children's Fund, one of the most complex in history, achieved its objective of setting the Cambodian people on the road to recovery, UNICEF said. UN agencies, including UNICEF and the World Food Program , will continue to provide food and agricultural aid on a reduced level.

UN agencies this month outlined a 1981 Cambodian aid program costing $236 million. This would provide at least 75,000 tons of rice and other agricultural aid with the aim of making Cambodia self-sufficient. donor countries meeting in New York urged that the budget be cut to about $200 million. Nearly $64 million has already been pledged.

(An article on the Cambodian relief effort will appear in next week's pullout section.)

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