American hostages show interest in negotiations

Iran released its fourth film since Christmas Monday, showing 18 of the hostages meeting with Algerian diplomats. The sound on the latest film was poor , but it was apparent that the hostages shown were interested in the negotiations for their release. One of the two women hostages, Elizabeth Ann Swiff, was heard saying the hostages' ordeal has been a "frightening experience." She indicated the hostages had been moved about and held in places that were not all that comfortable.

US State Department spokesman John Trattner said the Algerians gave the State Department photographs and movie footage of 43 hostages, reports Monitor correspondent Stephen Webbe. "But all 52 were seen by the Algerian ambassador to Iran," Mr. Trattner added. "The Algerians have told us that they are quite positive that they saw all 52 American hostages. The general impression the Algerians had at the time of their visit was that all of them appeared to be in good physical condition."

Mr. Trattner also sais that the United States rejected Iran's demands for a $ 24 billion deposit to end the crisis and said Iran had to be satisfied with President Carter's word.

"The word of the President of the United States is the highest authority that this country can offer. We don't see the need to offer additional guarrantees beyond that," he said.

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