Only limited value in orange and olive wood

Q. How can I determine if there is any market for orange or olive wood? I plan to remove a number of both kinds of trees more than 60 years old. I would like to know if any of the trunks are salable for making furniture, etc.? B. G. Bender Roseville, Calif.

A. A California lumberman friend says that he knows of no commercial use for either orange or olive wood. As you may already know, they are softwood, not hardwood, and therefore of less value as lumber.

The manner in which these species grow almost preclude their serious commercial use. They tend to be twisted, stunted, and with so many branches that there are few sections that are free of knots.

This lumberman says he believes the only practical use for these trees is firewood. Since cordwood is quite in demand in California, especially in large cities, there is some economic salvage possible.

You may prove us wrong by placing an ad in your local newspaper and offer the wood for sale. See what happens.

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