Census Bureau ordered to adjust N.Y. counts

A federal judge ordered the Census Bureau to adjust what he described as a "disproportionate undercount" of the population of New York City and New York State.

"I hold that there has been an undercount of the population of New York City and New York State that is disproportionate to the national aveage," Judge Henry F. Werker said. "Census Bureau mismanagement . . . contributed to the undercount," he said.

Judge Werker's ruling, supporting city and state officials in their lawsuit, referred to "conservative estimates" of an undercount of up to 650,000 for the city and up to 905,000 for the entire state. At stake are legislative representation and millions of dollars in federal aid.

The judge also ruled it was not necessary for the Census Bureau to report its census figures on the statutory deadline of Dec. 31. This date is not mandatory , he said.

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