Yamani sees oil glut when Gulf war ends

Saudi Oil Minister Ahmad Zaki Yamani said he fears that a glut of oil when the Gulf war ends will weaken the drive to conserve fuel and to seek alternative energy sources. The sheikh, visiting Australia, said that after the war Iran and Irag will likely produce as much oil as they can to rebuild their economies. He is concerned that consumers will act as they did after the 1973-74 oil crisis.

"Everybody will say now it's all right," he said. "We don't have to worry, we'll go back to our old habits, drive our automobiles as much as it pleases us, use as much energy . . . as we need and forget about coal, nuclear and other sources of energy."

If that happens, the next energy crisis will be very serious, he said, adding that measures will probably have to be taken in 1982 to maintain the momentum of conservation and conversion to other energy sources.

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