Joint ownership and estate taxes

Am I doing the wrong thing by having my son and daughter's name or (not "and") mine on T-bills that I have accumulated? Either of them may withdraw the T-bills when due or needed. Will my estate be charged additionally because I have my deposits made out that way? L. D.

Your use of T-bills is not completely clear. If you buy Treasury bills in 3- , 6- or 12-month maturities, they cannot be withdrawn as needed. You must wait until they mature or sell them on the secondary market. If you are thinking of the six-month T-bill certificates of deposit, they may be withdrawn before maturity only by paying a substantial penalty. In either case you should refer to "Moneywise" of Dec. 3 for answers about joint ownership. Your estate will include the value of the certificates or T-bills owned jointly with your son or daughter. Ownership of the assets will pass to your son, your daughter, or both as survivors without going through probate, but their value will be part of your estate.

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