House GOP goes for tradition.

The newly resurgent Republicans in the US House of Representatives have opted for traditionalism in electring Rep. Robert H. Michel of Illinois as their leader in the 97th Congress, reports Monitor correspondent Peter C. Stuart.

The House GOP, which made a net gain of 33 seats from the Democrats in the November election, seemed to be voting for orderly successsion and quiet legislative workmanship in picking Mr. Michel as minority leader over Rep. Guy A. Vanderjagt of Michigan, the more-assertive head of the party's campaign committee. The vote was 103 to 87.

The new floor leader moves up a rung after toiling six years in the thankless , vote-coralling job of whip to retiring minority leader John J. Rhodes of Arizona.

The Republican lawmakers made a similar choice in the race for Mr. Michel's successor, selecting low-key Rep. Trent Lott of Mississippi over the more partisanly combative E. G. (Bud) Shuster of Pennsylvania in a hotly contested race, 96-90.

The No. 3 position in the House Republican hierarchy, chairman of the party conference, went to Rep. Jack F. Kemp of NEw York, who defeated John H. Rousselot of California by a margin of 107 to 77.

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