I Was Sitting at Home

I was sitting at home watching TV one night. I saw a very interesting sight. Spaceships left and spaceships right, Straining their motors with all their might. I ran into the house with lots of hope, Needing to find my long lost telescope. There it was in my dresser drawer, Under my banana and apple core. I went outside, telescope in hand, And watch the spaceships zoom across the land. I went inside to call my son-in-law's niece, Because my son-in-law was with the police. She answered the phone like a frightened mouse. I said, "There are spaceships flying outside of my house." "You're lying!' she said and hung up the phone, And all I heard was the dial tone. Then I realized how hard it would be, To convince the people about the spaceships and me. I went outside, I knew they couldn't stay. I yelled out loud: "Why don't you go away?" Then all of a sudden the noise of the engines cleared, And they were gone, they had disappeared. I am sad they are gone, I said to myself. I was beginning to like them as much as myself.

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