'Twas the night before Reagan

'Twas the night before Reagan, when all through the House And specially in the Senate not even a mouse Could list the big cheeses in the whole new batch, Such as Labor Committee chairman Orrin Hatch Or the next voice you hear when you ring your Don Ameche For the Budget Committee head, Pete V. Domenici.

So our stockings are hung in hopes they will fill, Not only with names from Capitol Hill, But with all who may get a Washington lease Under presidential counsel Edwin Meese. And don't forget that transition team all snug in their beds, While visions of cabinet plums dance in their heads.

It's true that the forecasts remain a little vague But "sources" keep bringing up Alexander Haig And other alumni from administrations past Instead of the expected brand new cast. But there are some other names the government phone book may be listin' Such as possible secretary of the treasury Walter B. Wriston And William French Smith, Mr. Reagan's personal lawyer, An attorney general who wouldn't be kept waiting in the foyer. Or there could be a change at the CIA, see? Maybe campaign chieftain William J. Casey. And some say the secretary of transportation's shoe is On the foot of a Pennsylvanian named Drew Lewis. With Richard Schweiker, who is also from Penn., Mentioned for a post, we wonder what then For William Scranton, a third from Pennsylvania? His absence from the press's speculationmania Is like that of Elliot Richardson and some other GOP voices Who could hardly be overlooked before the final choices. But we digress in the age of Bill Brock, Who may go to Commerce while Agriculture goes to John Block.

As for those who are already home free, Here are some names we find under the tree. If not a baker's dozen there's a Baker times two, Majority leader Howard and James, chief of the White House crew. And note the Senate committee chairmen to put on the roll, Such as Environment's Robert Stafford and Finance's Robert Dole. Just to add to the bubbling Republican broth Governmental Affairs will have William V. Roth. Tilling Agriculture's far-flung realms Will be the man at the tiller, Jesse Helms, While Energy's Idaho dynamo, as it were, Comes under the name of James A. McClure, And Foreign Relations will be at the tender mercy Of Illinois internationalist Charles H. Percy. Closing the door of Banking's barn Before the horses are stolen will be the job of Jake Garn, And to make Armed Services flourish and flower Hopes will ride high on John G. Tower. On Appropriations Mr. Hatfield will sign his Mark, While Mr. Thurmond will Strom the Judiciary strings from dawn to dark. In the Commerce Committee any Democratic attack would Be repelled by Oregon's not Robert but plain Bob Packwood, And at Veterans Affairs an ex-GI looking for a pal Will find Alan K. Simpson -- "You know me, Al."

The long line of names spirals out of our sight, So for now, Happy Reagan, and to all a goodnight!

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