And the prime-time leader in TV violence NBC

NBC is the No. 1 network for prime-time violence this year, but CBS produced the most violent Saturday cartoons, a survey by the National Coalition on Television Violence says.NBC's "Buck Rogers" is the most violent prime-time series, averaging 26 violent acts per hour, 9 more than the second-ranked "Dukes of Hazzard" on CBS. On Saturdays, CBS's "Bugs Bunny-Roadrunner Show" averages 50 violent acts per hour, over twice the Saturday morning average, it says.

American Cynamid Company, maker of Breck, Pine-Sol, and Old Spice, was listed as sponsor of the most violent prime-time shows, with 63 percent of its ads on high-violence programs. General Mills sponsors the most violence on Saturday mornings, with 78 percent of its ads on high-violence programs, NCTV said.

The group was formed to try to reduce television portrayal of violence.

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