The Spectral Game

Play with the colors! Look! Then change the lie of spectrum: lay my orange along your blue! Rainbow's only one of the ways to dye a vista. Radiant image supply forever fresh alignment. It's timely to play with the colors, looking, changing the lie of red, stretching it, faithful spaniel, by that flank of violet. Whisht! old fido's new! Rainbow's only one of the ways to dye This swatch of air, immerse it. Fill your eye. Take light to heart, like love, living with due play of the colors. Look, and change! The lie that fades with sun I tell you can't apply to us. To us let's variously hue. Rainbow's only on of the way to die As shadows, living again. For starters, try night, try darkness. Watch them turn, not true. Play with the colors! Look, and change the lie of rainbow. Divert the vision. Keep the sky.

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