American team receives medals at food olympics

Dressed in brown Stetson hats, fawn-colored suede jackets, and Western ties, the official American team at the Culinary Olympics won first in the hot food category, second in cold and display foods, as well as several medals in individual events.

The Culinary Olympics, held every four years, emphasizes food preparations that would be appropriate for feeding large numbers of people, such as in hotels and restaurants. All of the categories are judged on appearance alone, not taste, except the hot food event.

The Australian team and the South Korean team took second and third places, respectively, in the hot food event. In cold display foods, West Germany won the gold medal and Canada the bronze. West Germany also earned a gold medal in the Dinner Plate event, with Canada winning the silver and Switzerland the bronze.

Other teams from the US came away with a number of medals -- the Eastern Seaboard team won six gold, three silver, and one bronze; the L. J. Minor team received nine medals in all and one member of the Minnesota team captured a gold medal.

A more complete article with details of the awards at the Culinary Olympics will follow shortly.

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