When reviewers are 6 and 8; The Foggy Rescue, by Consuelo Joerns. New York: Four Winds Press. $7.95.

I think it's a good book. It was scary when the three mice children took off in a boat and got shipwrecked, but the baby mouse, Jane, found their father, Captain Mouse. He was shipwrecked, too, but in the end they all went home to Mrs. Mouse and were happy.

I liked the pictures, especially the one that shows a whale spouting and dolphins jumping, and Jane sitting in the crow's nest on the ship.

I'm going to take the book to school and have the teacher read it to the class.

My cat, Bart, would like this book. He likes mice.

I don't like real mice. They don't wear scarves or carry teddy bears.

I like the colors. I might copy some of the pictures.

It shows you can always be rescued, even in a fog or if it is dark and you are lost and you crash on an island.

The captain didn't even lose his cargo from China. I'd like to go there someday.

A mother's note: "Clams . . ." is obviously more entertaining if the person reading it aloud really gets into the spirit of making beach "noises." Reading rime: about 10 or 12 minutes -- if you are really noisy, longer. "Foggy Rescue" takes more concentration because it is an adventure story, and the child must follow each detail of the action to understand it and appreciate the happy ending. Reading time: about 15 minutes.

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