More Dartmouth alumni give to alma mater than at other schools

Undergraduate memories at Dartmouth may be of the long, cold, New Hampshire winters, but those frosty nights haven't cooled the warm generosity in annual giving by alumni.

For the third year in a row among major colleges and universities, Dartmouth lays claim to the national title for percentage of participation by alumni in annual giving. In 1980, some 22,120 -- or 63 percent of the alumni pool -- gave a total of $6,764,414 to the alumni fund.

The total dollar amount may not compare with the giving at Harvard, Yale, or some others, but "as far as we know, no college has matched the Dartmouth alumni participation record this year," fund chairman Fred Stephens insists.

The future of such a high percentage of giving looks bright for Dartmouth. It should continue to be the school to beat in this category, as the Class of 1979, the youngest alumni class, achieved 58 percent participation in the drive. Similarly, the senior class of 1980 also went into the college's record books, with 463 members, or 54 percent, pledging to next year's fund -- even before they started their first jobs.

A recent pledge of $3.75 million toward a goal of $6.25 million for the Nelson A. Rockefeller center for the social sciences by members of the Rockfeller family has gotten 1981 ff

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