Fowling the freshmen at U of Hartford

The University of Hartford has decided that the best way to greet new students is with a bird. It has made arrangements to buy 200 precooked turkeys with the idea that volunteering faculty members, who will each receive a turkey free, will then invite small groups of new students home for dinner.

The goal of "Operation Turkey" is to break the ice for incoming freshmen by breaking bread. University president Stephen Trachtenberg cooked up the project with the hope of creating better communication between the professors and the 1, 600 freshmen and transfer students newly arrived for the fall term.

"In times of declining enrollments," president Trachtenberg says, "we know how critical it is for students to develop meaningful relationships with faculty." Hence the 10- to 12-pound precooked turkey for faculty members to welcome new students.

Will "Operation Turkey" fly? Or is it just wishboning on the part of the president?

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