Iran, Iraq exchange air raids

The Iranian Air Force attacked Iraqi military positions in the southern battle zone and made new sorties into noerthern Iraq as jets pounded targest inside Iran. The Iraqi News Agency said each side lost one plane in the air raids, and that 74 Iranians and 8 Iraqis were killed in fighting in Iran's Khuzestan Province.

The agency also reported that hundreds of refugees were streaming out of Abadan to escape heavy artillery bombardment. But Tehran Radio said Iranian troops recaptured additional areas of the major oil refinery center in renewed fighting around the city.

Tehran Radio also said Oil Minister Muhammad Jawad Baqir Tunguyan, along with a deputy minister and four other oil officials, were kidnapped earlier, "contrary to international regulations." It demanded the release of all civilian prisoners of war. An Iraqi military communique had said the oil minister was ambushed by a special patrol and taken to Baghdad.

The broadcast also said Iranian planes struck Iraqi positions on the southwestern front in iran and inside enemy territory, damaging a radar station and the docks at Faw. It said Iranian aircraft damaged 10 Iraqi per sonnel carriers, 25 to 35 tanks, and 50 to 60 heavy vehicles inside Iran.

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