Bonjour, la, Bonjour Play by Michel Tremblay. Directed by Steven Robman.

Displaying a recurrent bent for the outre, the Phoenix Theater has opened its new season with a study of twisted family ties centering, unfortunately, around incest. Written in a kind of abstract realism, Michel Tremblay's artificially fragmented, painstakingly orchestrated conversation piece concerns the return of a youthful Montrealer to his home base after three months in Europe trying to sort out his life. The title, "Bonjour, la, Bonjour, is a Quebecois colloquialism for "Hello There."

Mr. Tremblay, a leading young Canadian dramatist, regards the unnatural brother-sister relationship of his plot not with horror or dismay or tragic feeling but with a kind of icky sentimentalism. The "Bonjour" family is a mess.

This curious import wastes assorted theatrical talents on 90 uninterrupted minutes of unappealing family drama. As it has so often in the past, the group's latest effort leaves a well-wisher with an uneasy wait-and-see attitude.

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