Turn-of-the-century musical gems and some grimmer concerns; Tin Types Turn-of-the-century musical conceived by Mary Kyte, Mel Marvin, and Gary Pearle. Musical staging by Miss Kyte. Directed by Mr. Pearle. Conducted by Mr. Marvin.

The Golden Theater is filled with the sound of golden oldies from a gilded era. "Tin Types," an Off Broadway musical hit last season, has brightened the Broadway scene by taking up residence on West 45th Street. The show's turn-of-the-century images are as clear, its performances as pleasingly focused, and its overall picture as charmingly composed as in the more modest production at St. Peter's Church.

The cast is the same: Carolyn Mignini, Lynne Thigpen, Trey Wilson, Mary Catherine Wright, Jerry Zaks, and Mel Marvin (conducting at the piano). The performers move gracefully through some 50 numbers of song-and-dance marginalia touching on a dozen aspects of life in those earlier United States. The revue album was compiled by Mary Kyte, Mr. Marvin, and Gary Pearle, with Miss Kyte responsible for the deft musical staging. "Tin Types" is still a delight.

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