Boston hotel takes New England food to Europe

The Colonnade, a small but elegant Boston hotel, is taking New England food to four European cities next month in an effort to attract more foreign visitors to the United States.

Five chefs from the Colonnade and the hotel's managing director, Amos O. Juster, will host a series of luncheons called the Cuisine Americana series for Europe's travel writers and travel industry leaders.

The Savoy Hotel, London; the Travenbruch, Frankfurt, West Germany; the Hassler in Rome; and the George V in Paris, members of a group of Hotel Representatives International, will be visited.

Mr. Juster, of the independently owned Colonnade, feels the travel industry has lagged in its efforts to market the US travel package abroad.

"Americans travel abroad to sample local food," Mr. Juster said. "There's no reason we can't reverse this logic to stimulate year-round travel here by Europeans.

Fresh lobsters, scallops, shrimps, oysters, and clams, along with other foods for the dinner, will be flown to each hotel from Boston.

The seven-course luncheon will include Colonnade Clam Chowder; Cold Lobster, Susan Allen; Roast Lamb, Lady Carol From Belmont; and Indian Pudding.

Vegetables will include corn served from a boat made of bread called the Mayflower; Buttered Potatoes With Fresh Native Herbs; Grilled Tomatoes, Rhode Island Style; and Boston Lettuce With Vermont Cheddar Cheese.

New England Biscuits with sweet butter and assorted New England Cheeses with California and Concord grapes are also on the menu.

"Every dish will have a gourmet touch to help dispel the popular misconception that New england cuisine is limited to broiled scrod, baked beans, and boiled dinners," Mr. Juster said.

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