Directory of mutual funds

You recently noted an address for money-market mutual funds. I would like a list or directory of mutual funds for equities and bonds. Can you help? M. F.

Two sources for information on mutual funds are: Investment Company Institute , 1775 K Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20006, and the No-Load Mutual Fund Association, Valley Forge, Pa. 19481. Both of these trade associations publish a directory of members with a code or other notation indicating the type of each fund -- equity, managed, bond, income, tax-exempt, money-market, or other fund. The NoLoad Mutual Fund Association also provides information in the directory on the minimum initial purchase and minimum subsequent additions. Money magazine also lists the addresses for a small selection of different funds. None of these sources provide any rating of funds. To check on past performance, you should select several funds and write for a prospectus. Or the Mutual Funds Almanac, published annually by the Hirsch Organization, 6 Deer Trail, Old TAppan , N.J. 97675, provides a condensed history of performance for over 600 mutual funds.

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