Campaign Roundup (3)

Black leaders, traditionally Democrat, will not easily let the black vote split in this election. Two former colleagues of Martin Luther King Jr. in the Southern Christian leadership Conference, Ralph Abernathy and Hosea Williams, came out for Reagan last week.

But on hearing the news, Loretta Scott King, Dr. King's widow, said she was "shocked" There was "no rationale" for the endorsements, and they will not sway large numbers of black voters, she said.

Los Angelos Mayor Tom Bradley joined Mrs. King:

"Reagan and hisforces scrounged for a whole year to find a significan black leader to come forward and endorse him," Bradly said, He finally has one. But it won't have a bit of significance as far as the black vote in the country is concerned."Copyright 1980 The Christian Science Publishing Society; The Christian Science Monitor

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