Zimbabwe to curb foreign press

Zimbabwe is to reinstate some of the controls on foreign journalists first imposed by the former white Rhodesian authorities, Information Minister Nathan Shamuyarira said. The controls will include temporary employment permits enabling the government to deny facilities to journalists who, he said, "continuously and maliciously misrepresent Zimbabwe."

Dr. Shamuyarira bitterly criticized the foreign press, saying that although Zimbabwe had scrapped press controls, "we now find that there are some foreign journalists who continue to want to make money from the foreign newspapers they work for through sensational but totally unfounded stories, at any cost to Zimbabwe, regardless of the truth and the effect to this country." The South African press was the chief culprit, he said, but he also criticized some American reporting of Zimbabwe.

The government has been angered by a series of Western and South African news reports forecasting chaos and civil war in six-month-old Zimbabwe. government officials say foreign investors have been scared off by these reports, thus hampering postwar reconstruction efforts.

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