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The new air passenger terminal in Atlanta has opened, making it the world's biggest terminal, an expanse of 378 acres. There are two main terminal buildings that are mirror images of each other, connected to form one 12.6-acre building, accessible by underground train cars, moving sidewalks, and escalators that run through four concourses containing 138 gates. While 70 percent of the people passing through the airport are those who change planes here, rather than beginning or ending trips, there are 28 million of them.

Twenty years ago Atlanta was the 35th busiest airport in the United States; today it is second only to Chicago's O'Hare. The new terminal is more notable for its function and form rather than its color and beauty, but is so designed that transferring passengers should be able to move quickly and easily to make their connections, as well as international travelers, and travelers with any sort of handicaps.

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