Saving refrigerator operating costs

I would appreciate some information on energy-saving refrigerators. We inherited a General Electric self-defrosting two-door model which runs practically all the time. Christina Savage Mohnton, Pa.

All refrigerator manufacturers are trying to reduce the energy usage of their fridges these days because of the sharply higher costs of operating the older models.

GE, for example, has added two low-energy top-freezer models with 15.6- and 17.6-cubic-foot capacity, respectively. The new top-mount capacity, respectively. The new top-mount GE boxes use 13 and 23 percent less electricity , according to the company.

Where power costs are high, the saving is more significant than in low-cost areas of the country.

In New York, says GE, electricity costs about 8.2 cents per kilowatt-hour. The smaller model could save $15 to $17 a year; the larger model up to $32.50. I don't know what the cost of electricity is in your area, but if it's less than the above example, the saving to you obviously would be less.

Both the GE refrigerators are frost-free and include a power-saver switch and dual temperature controls.

Of course, one sure way to cut the cost of operating the family fridge is to avod opening the doors more than absolutely necessary. Know what you're after before you open a door. In other words, don't fling open a door and then try to decide what it is you want.

All that warm air has to be chilled when the door is closed, reminds Mrs. Betty Wade of White-Westinghouse Corporation.

Simply, a little forethought can work out to more dollars in the bank.

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