Training people for new industries

Businesses in San Antonio benefit from an industrial training program developed by the Texas Industrial Commission. Working with the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Employment Commission, the industrial commission's program has trained over 21,000 people for jobs in industry.

The program is designed to be flexible enough to be adapted to the particular needs of an incoming industry. It has access to the training programs at the four campuses of the Texas State Technical Institute and the occupational training facilities of the Texas junior college system, including San Antonio College.

According the the industrial commission, the program consists of five basic stages:

1. Analysis and identification of a firm's immediate start-up labor force requirements.

2. Design of training programs and designnation of training institutions.

3. Initial recruiting and screening of work force.

4. Implementing the training program.

5. Monitoring the program to be sure the desired results are accomplished.

The new firm's management is involved in each stage of the development and implementation of the training program. In many cases, the courses are taught by the same people who will be supervirsors in the plant when actual production starts.

Financing for the program is accomplished jointly by the incoming industry and the state agencies involved.

More information on the start-up training program can be obtained from the Texas Industrial Commission, PO Box 12728, Capital Station, Austin, Texas, 78711 .

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