S. Korean chief to solidfy power

President Chun Doo Hwan intends to abolish the country's present political parties under the terms of a new consitution. The present parliament and the political parties will be dissolved after a national referendum on a new constitution about Oct. 22, and an election for members of the new National Assembly will be held before June 30.

The military-dominated Special Committee for National Security Measures, chaired by General Chun, will take over the role of parliament after the dissolution of the present National Assembly and the swearing in of the new one.

The constitution will limit the president to one of seven years. Should he attempt to extend his term by altering the constitution, a safeguard clause has been inserted saying constitutional amendments could not apply to an incumbent president. future presidents will have to seek parliamentary approval for such amendments and before they assume presidential emergency powers in time of war or warlike situations.

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