Purchasing gold coins

You have mentioned bullion gold coins several times. Where and how can I invest in bullion gold coins? -- H. M.

Gold bullion coins are those coins sold specifically for their gold content and not for any numismatic value that might be attached. Popular gold bullion coins are the Krugerrand and 2-rand coins from South Africa, Canadian Maple Leaf , six Mexican coins, and variety of other world coins such as the Austrian and Hungarian coronas. Space does not permit a greater detailing of the coins. The simplest and most widely accepted are the Krugerrands, which contain exactly one troy ounce of pure gold.

Where the how you buy gold bullion coins depends on how many uou wish to buy. If you plan to buy 10 coins or more, preferably in increments of 10 coins, contact a stockbroker or a bank that offers these coins. You can expect to pay a commission of about 2 percent on top of the asked price and coinage fee. You lose the difference between the bid and asked price plus a second commission when you sell. You will likely regain all of the coinage fee. If you plan to buy only one or a few coins, look for a reputable coin dealer in you city. Prices for coins will likely change at least twice a day to reflect the daily gold price fixing. Also, commissions charged by coin shops will likely vary, so ask around at as many coin shops as you can conveniently find for quotes.

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