Organizing the extras

The well-organized person, we understand, lines up her clothes and sets out the perfect accessories she intends to wear with them, like clockwork, ever night before she goes to bed.

All of which may give her smug feelings of satisfaction.* However, if she wants to be a la mode this fall, getting dressed will take a little extra thought and preparation.A battery of accesories large and small is not mandatory. But judicious selection from the following should start her day off on the right fashion foot:

* Plain and striped grosgrain, plaid taffeta, and velvet ribbons (to wear as ties under shirt collars during the day,as hairbands, or to braid through a ponytail in the evening, perhaps).

* Narrow belts of calf or lizard colors keyed to her sports separates.

* Lace ruffs, jabots, and collars to dress up necklines.

* soft bow ties of foulard or paisley silk.

* A large thin wool challis shawl in paisley or windowpane check (to sling peasant-style over the shoulder of a jacket of coat).

* Soft leather sash belts.

* pearls, real, cultured, or simulated -- especially the freshwater kind -- in long ropes. A graduated necklace to wear with shetland sweaters; a jewel-clasped triple choker for big evenings out.

* A few pieces of futuristic jewelry.

* Dark tights -- patterned or plain -- in colors to match skirts; argyle knee socks; ribbed wool tights or knee socks; pale nylons for late day.

* A Tyrolean hat to Hapsburgize a separates outfit.

* Berets and tams (angora, tartan, velvet) for kilts and blazer turnouts.

* A bright-colored cashmere, angora, or mohair knit hat, with muffler and gloves to match.

* And a lace-edged linen handkerchief to tuck into a pocket.

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