Lasting surface for swim pools

To the estate editor: A reader in Arlington, Va., asked recently about peeling paint in his in-the-ground swimming pool.

I had a similar problem with my pool and found a wonderful solution. The problem with a plastered pool is that it must always be kept full; also, it stains and becomes discolored.

I had 15 layers of paint sand-blasted off the pool. I then applied Sika Flex caulking which has remained in all the cracks, both above the water and below -- without shrinking or cracking. Then the pool was painted with an epoxy enamel from Co-Polymer Chemical Inc., 12350 Meriman Road, Livonia, Mich. An epoxy thinner is used to clean the brushes.

I bought the paint from Smalley Company in Albuquerque, N.M. It has been on the pool for three years and it still looks like new. It has ended my annual spring "scrape and paint" routine. Pat Hart Albuquerque, N.M.

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