Ridding beige bricks of Halloween egg stain

Q. Some years ago a Halloween prankster threw eggs on the beige brick walls of our house. I have tried all sorts of things to clean the wall but without success. Do you have any ideas? Also, what will clean normal beige-colored brick? Theresia Logue Corsica, Pa.

A. We went to ProSoCo Inc., of Kansas City, Kan., for its professional advice on how to scrub the egg off that brick.

"We recommend the use of a butane torch, such as in used in soldering," the company wrote back.

"Use care not to burn the brick. Then brush the brick with a stiff-bristle brush, followed by the use of our Sure Klean Restoration Cleaner. Take precautions and follow the label instructions closely."

The Restoration Cleaner, or its equal, can also be used to clean the beige brick. It is designed for use on brick, granite, sandstone, terra cotta, marble , and other types of masonry.

The product is acidic, so handle with care. Avoid splashing it on the skin, clothes, foliage, and adjacent materials.

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