Notices for the teacher's room; New York to Quebec and vice versa to start this fall

This fall 10 students, four from universities in Quebec and six from State University of New York campuses, will become the first participants in an exchange program which in future years could send hundreds of others across the US-Canadian border for undergraduate studies.

The students involved are required to pay their own housing, tuition, medical insurance, and travel costs. The schools will assist with academic advisement, administration, student selection, and, when required, language training.

It is anticipated that the number of student-exchanges will be nearly the same from both countries.

"Although this is a small initial number of SUNY and Quebec students, the program will definitely grow in scope as it becomes established," stated Earl Frye, director of Canadian studies at SUNY Plattsburgh.

"The students will take most of their work in their regular major fields," Mr. Frye said, "but the exchange will give them the opportunity to study with distinguished professors on the faculty of the host campus."

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