Overcoming obstacles through prayer

I had planned for months to attend a meeting that would significantly advance my knowledge in my field. However, I arrived at the airport to find the flight canceled. I was momentarily stunned. But as a student of the Bible I knew I had a remedy: prayer.

I turned to God with the knowledge that He is divine Principle, infinite Mind -- the only true cause. I thought of two sentences written by Mary Baker Eddy: n1 'Divine Mind is the only cause or Principle of existence. Cause does not exist in matter, in mortal mind, or in physical forms." n2

n1 Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.

n2 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,m p. 262.

The people in line ahead of me were having an exasperating time making new arrangements. Amid complaints and confusion the attendants were trying their best to find alternative flights.

My meeting was that evening. Yet I knew feeling anxious wouldn't get me there any faster. In fact, it would probably delay my seeing a solution to the problem. Instead, I decided I could be grateful for the God-given good that was the immortal birthright of every person around me -- and of myself. Good could not be canceled! Knowing this would help clear the atmosphere of confusion.

I was glad -- but not surprised -- when suddenly a large block of seats on another airline became available for those around me. Then I was informed by a very amiable attendant that solving my problem would be easy. I was to be rerouted through another city and would arrive within an hour of the time I had planned.

But challenges still lay ahead. On the first leg of the journey, the pilot said heavy air traffic would cause considerable delay. However, the connecting flight was made in time. Then, when nearing my destination, the pilot said turbulence might slow us up. But the plane nosed down right on the minute. My luggage was among the first to appear, and despite a cabdriver's gloomy forecast of a jam-up at the tunnel leading into the city, I reached my meeting with fifteen minutes to spare.

Throughout the trip I had held with gratitude and a happy anticipation of good to the fact that it is impossible for man not to fulfill God's will of harmonious action.

The meeting was one of the finest and most instructive I could recall. Since my motive had been for individual progress in order to bless others, I questioned why there had been so many difficulties. Wasn't God caring for me? But through prayer, enlightenment came in these words of Mrs. Eddy's: "Final deliverance from error, whereby we rejoice in immortality, boundless freedom, and sinless sense, is not reached through paths of flowers nor by pinning one's faith without works to another's vicarious effort." n3

n3 ibid.,m p. 22.

Then the lesson dawned. All the praying, all the turning to infinite Mind for the thoughts needed, had stirred me to apply spiritual truths in practical ways. The benefits from the meeting had been largely due to my having been prepared in this way. Everything that had gone on before the event was unique preparation for receptivity.

When we turn to God for help in trying circumstances and obey His voice of peace, even if obstacles don't immediately yield, they will. We'll eventually have proof that God is supreme. DAILY BIBLE VERSE Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. I Peter 5:6, 7

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