The Crab Pot

This summer I'm with my grandparents, Phoebe and Les, on Lummi Island, Wash. Almost every day Les and I go out to our crab pot. We can't go every day because we go to town or the water is too rough. First we didn't get any crabs.

The only kind of crabs we can eat are big male ones. We have to throw the female crabs back in the water. Les wasn't getting any crabs, only starfish. So we brought the crab pot back in for a week. When the week ended, Les decided to put it back out. Each time we pulled we got one or two crabs.Today we used fresh bait and got eight crabs! And only three starfish!

Starfish are bad in a crab pot because they eat all the bait.

We use fish heads and their backbones for bait.

Starfish are bright orange underneath and orange-purple on top. They have 20 legs and are slimy.

Tonight we might go back out and see if we have any more.

Here's hoping we do.

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