Campaign Roundup (1)

If the theory of evolution is to be taught in public schools, Ronald Reagan told 10,000 cheering "born again" Christians in Dallas Aug. 22, so should the Biblical version of the origin of human life.

The GOP presidential candidate also said the lack of "old-time religion" in public schools has led to an increase in crime, drug abuse, child abuse, and human suffering.

Before addressing the Roundtable, a non-denominational group with ties to the New Right political movement, Reagan told reporters, "We've interpreted the separation of church and state to mean separate the state and country from religion, and I think that is wrong."

Reagan said he had gained the support of the "moral movement" in the United States because President Carter "wore his religion on his sleeve."

The President declined an invitation to address the Dallas group.

Reagan and running mate George Bush were to hold a news conference Aug. 25. Bush's trip to China may have ended in disappointment for the GOP team, but campaign co-chairman Anne Armstrong says some European leaders have told her privately they prefer Reagan to Carter.m

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